The first ZPP certified
movement app

Course number: KU-BE-FTXCLV


Your chance to move more - without discomfort

AIMO combines artificial intelligence with neuroathletics and behavioral and exercise science to increase physical and mental performance.

AIMO combines artificial intelligence with neuroathletics and behavioral and exercise science to increase physical and mental performance.

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Who uses AIMO?

You lack the motivation to move? You don't know what and how to train sollst?

Increase your motivation to move more in everyday life with AIMO - through improved movement-related self-efficacy.

AIMO’s Daily 2 is based on the latest scientific findings. A 2-minute window provides the time frame in which the effort does not yet overwhelm you and you can start a new habit.

Start by developing a daily routine with shorter workout times. It's more efficient and takes less effort on your part. Just like brushing your teeth every day.

Start now with your daily 2 minutes routine!

You have decided to get active again after a longer break? But everyday life, job and family leave you little time. Now you don't know how to start and are unsure which exercises are the right ones for you?

Strengthen your understanding and confidence in your body - through improved movement-related self-efficacy.

AIMO’s unique movement scan analyzes your weak areas and recommends the exact neuro-centered training, mobility and strength exercises that will reduce your muscular imbalances and take your flexibility and strength to the next level.

Integrate your AIMO training easily into your daily routine. You decide how much time you have available for training. AIMO selects the right exercises for you.

You always have complaints while running. You want to improve your performance. But you don't know how to do it in a healthy way?

Reduce discomfort and limitations in running - through improved movement-related self-efficacy.

Through neuro-centered exercises, run preparation, athleticism and recovery in AIMO's runner training, you'll optimize your running performance. Experience smooth running movements and avoid discomfort. The scan-based workouts address your muscular imbalances and recommend exactly the exercises you need right now.

How to get started

  1. Scan your movement before each workout and get personalized exercise recommendations.

  2. Train with personalized routines for your daily life. Choose how often you work out and how much time you want to spend on it.

  3. Experience a measurable and sustainable increase in your exercise-related self-efficacy.

Sabrina Mockenhaupt explains AIMO

Your benefits

Deine digitale Begleitung und Motivation zum aktiven Lebensstil
Ideal im stressigen Alltag, durch frei wählbare Trainingsdauer
Trainiere wo immer du willst. Auch als Ergänzung zu deinem Sport oder Gym.
Messbare und nachhaltige Steigerung der bewegungs- bezogenen Selbstwirksamkeit.
Immer individuell passende Workouts, durch scan-basierte Übungs- empfehlungen.
Neurozentrierte Übungen entspannen und stärken die Körper- wahrnehmung.
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– Your digital companion and motivation for an active lifestyle.

– Ideal in stressful everyday life, thanks to freely selectable training duration.

– Train wherever and whenever you want. Also as a supplement to your sport or gym.

– Measurable and sustainable increase in exercise-related self-efficacy.

– Always individually suitable workouts, through scan-based exercise recommendations.

Neurocentric exercises relax and strengthen body awareness.

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Up to 100% refund

  • Bookable from within the app via the AppStore and PlayStore
  • No subscription, no cancellation necessary
  • One-time 99,99€ for one year of use
  • Up to 100% reimbursable by your health insurance company

How much is my reimbursement?

This course is certified as a preventive measure for exercise by the Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention (ZPP) and is therefore reimbursed by health insurance companies up to 100%.

Check with your health insurance company to find out how much they will reimburse you.

The first ZPP certified
movement app

Course number: KU-BE-FTXCLV

Start now

Suitable for every situation

Personalized routines for more mindfulness, strength & flexibility, running, to sweat and relax, and to improve body awareness.

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Do you feel restricted in your movements, uncomfortable, tired, tense or simply lacking drive? Do you feel like you can't reach your full potential? Scan your body with your smartphone easily and wherever you are. Find your weak points and your greatest potential for improvement.

The AIMO™ movement analysis gives you indications of how well you move and how you can improve. The AIMO™ Movement Score evaluates your current movement skills. Together with our research partners, we found that people with a high score move 70-100% more easily and regularly than people with a low score.

Take a closer look at your movement patterns and turn your weakest links into your biggest potential.

What's your score?

Daily 2

The 2-daily routine is based on the latest scientific findings. A 2 minute window is the time frame when the effort is not overwhelming and you can start a new habit. 

Achieve more in less time and develop a daily routine. This is more efficient and costs you less effort. Just like brushing your teeth every day.

Start now with your daily 2 minutes routine!


Choose the category that fits your daily routine:

Improve mobility and strength

Too little time? No problem! Experience endless movement variety through customized scan-based workout routines. Work on your muscular imbalances.

Improve your running performance

Experience smooth movements while running and avoid pain.
Workouts address your muscular imbalances.

Find your perfect balance and set new impulses

Activate your senses and train muscle chains through short and precise balancing routines. Boost your performance with scan-based workouts.

Give it your all in a power workout

Strengthen muscles, heart and circulation through functional training.

Stay healthy and fit and maintain your cognitive performance. Take your performance to the next level.

Increase your mindfulness and body awareness.

Engage your entire body in the workout: From eye to balance to breathing, exercises from Neurocentric Training take your performance to the next level. Neuroathletics for your everyday life.


Get an overview of your training progress, note pain and be mindful about your training.

Track your progress!

Additional health information

With the following information you can find out more about the main topics of self-efficacy, movement as therapy, neuro-centered training, breathing techniques, sitting and movement behavior in the home office and sports and movement therapy beyond the "AIMO healthy moves" app.

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