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The intelligent training app

How it works

  1. Scan your movement and get the training that your body really needs.

  2. Train more targeted, through intelligent training. Short training sessions increase your motivation and help you establish a power routine, such as brushing your teeth every day.

  3. Move you like a young god! Experience the joy of movement again. Your new self will naturally want to increase exercise duration and intensity. Surprise yourself!

Sabrina Mockenhaupt explains AIMO

As easy as brushing your teeth

The 2-minute routine is based on the latest scientific findings. A 2 minute window is the time frame when the effort is not overwhelming and you can start a new habit. Achieve more in less time and develop your power routine. This is more efficient and costs you less effort. Just like brushing your teeth every day, morning and evening.

Start now with your daily 2 minutes routine!

Your benefits

Deine digitale Begleitung und Motivation zum aktiven Lebensstil
Ideal im stressigen Alltag, durch frei wählbare Trainingsdauer
Trainiere wo immer du willst. Auch als Ergänzung zu deinem Sport oder Gym.
Messbare und nachhaltige Steigerung der bewegungs- bezogenen Selbstwirksamkeit.
Immer individuell passende Workouts, durch scan-basierte Übungs- empfehlungen.
Neurozentrierte Übungen entspannen und stärken die Körper- wahrnehmung.
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Your digital guidance and motivation to an active lifestyle.
Ideal for a stressful life, through freely selectable training duration.
Train wherever and whenever you want. Perfect to boost to your sport efforts.
Measurable and sustainable increase of movement-related self-efficacy.
Always individually tailored workouts, through scan-based training.
Neuro-centered exercises relax and strengthen body awareness.


Choose the category that fits your daily routine:

Improve mobility and strength

Actively train the important functions for your body. Experience, feel and trust your body during mobility and strength training. AIMO focuses on the essential functions that are important in your everyday life and your sports.
Improve your running performance

Performance and smooth movement when running is only possible if all parts of the body that are relevant to running work well together. Your body is only as fit as its weakest link. AIMO starts exactly where you as a runner have the greatest potential.
Find your perfect balance and set new impulses

Your body is stressed by sitting in the office for long periods of time or one-sided training. Do you have little time and want to train as effectively and efficiently as possible? AIMO is the ideal solution to combine a busy lifestyle with efficient training.
Sweat with a challenging power-workout

Strength is the fastest option to get healthier and fitter while maintaining your cognitive performance over the long term. AIMO is about the balance between on and off relaxation of your muscles.
Increase your mindfulness and body awareness.

When was the last time you consciously perceived your body, felt different movement sequences and ranges of motion, the contact with the ground, the speed or the rhythm? Through the following neuro-flows you will learn to focus your attention on the inside of your body.

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Suitable for every situation

Personalized routines for more mindfulness, strength & flexibility, running, to sweat and relax, and to improve body awareness.