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Trainingsplan war gestern. Wir holen dich ins Hier und Jetzt.

Wähle die App-Variante die zu dir passt.

 In beiden Apps erhältst du unsere automatisierte Bewegungsanalyse mit Trainingsempfehlungen, die genau zu deinem Bewegungsmuster passen.


AIMO fit

Trainiere immer nur das, was du jetzt gerade brauchst und bestimme selbst, wie viel Zeit du aufwenden magst.

Free oder Premium Abo mit allen Inhalten. Du entscheidest.

Nutze AIMO fit im Alltag, als eigenständiges Training oder zusätzlich zu deinem Sport. Steigere deine Beweglichkeit und werde fit.

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AIMO gesund bewegt

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Lass dir dein Training von der Krankenkasse bis zu 100% erstatten. Einmalzahlung statt Abo.

Zertifizierter Präventionskurs mit niedrigschwelligem Zugang zu Bewegung – Beseitige deine Dysbalancen und bleibe gesund.


For mindful athletes

“One scan and indeed, the app recognizes my weak points based on my movement. Here it tweaks and there it doesn't run so smoothly. My scan also shows the weak points at exactly these points and uses them to create a perfect training session, tailored to me, in order to become more mobile again."
Sabrina Elwert

For runners

"I wouldn't have wanted to believe that an app could scan and get to know my body so well, and offer me a workout that really suits me. The personalized training according to my goals, weak points and available time makes me more flexible, dynamic and stronger. Everything I need to be able to run without pain.”
Sabrina Mockenhaupt

For my everyday

“I started the AIMO morning routine and grounding post pregnancy. It feels good to start slowly again. And the exercises are explained really well.”
Janet Lerwe

Für ambitionierte

"The app accompanies me not only during training times, but also in the office, everyday life, during my longer walks, during which I take two breaks with breathing and stretching exercises. AIMO makes me sweat, think and laugh, challenges me both mentally and physically, I keep setting myself new goals and thus get me through this sch..., special time better!"
Gudrun Kuepers

Based on science

The further development of the AIMO movement scan is being supported by:

Research project LOUISA

Correlation of pain and movement

Further development of the artificial intelligence

Ethical perspective on Scan and Score